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GenFlex Roofing Systems is a leading, full-line supplier of high-quality single-ply roofing products for the commercial roofing market. No idea what Genflex is but just know that’s the kind of roof you have? Have questions about a repair? Call us at 1-800-297-3758

GenFlex Roofing Systems is a leading, full-line supplier of high-quality single-ply roofing products for the commercial roofing market. Genflex provides premium support to all its customers and as a partner with Genflex, we have been able to provide fast, affordable and service on any home with a Genflex roofing system. No idea what Genflex is but just know that’s the kind of roof you have? Have questions about a repair? Call us at 1-800-297-3758

Why We Use Genflex Roofing Systems & Supplies

Genflex is a leading provider of TPO single-ply roofing systems, which we prefer and recommend for most roof repairs or new installations. TPO stands for ‘thermoplastic polyolefin’., and is made of a white material that reflects sunlight away from the building; it’s extremely durable and resistant to fire and bacteria, which is why so many people in Tampa, FL use it. Learn more about what TPO roofing is.

“Good job for the price quoted. No extra fees or “add-ons” surprised me at the end and everything was done in a courteous and timely manner.” Janis O. Date Of Install: September 2012 Mobile/manufactured Home Park: Venice Isles

“Great bunch of guys. Very professional. They were very courteous to me & worked like a well oiled machine! I’m very happy!” James O. Sr. Date Of Install: August 2012 Mobile/manufactured Home Park: Holiday Park

All Weather Roofing, Inc., has been using Genflex TPO roofing materials and systems in the Tampa area since 1984.

Free Video Inspection Of Your Genflex Roof

Need a repair on your mobile home roof? We actually offer a free video inspection of your roof for anyone in the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties. You get to see the damage first hand and during the inspection we can offer you an estimate right on the spot.

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Want to know more about your mobile home roofing options, then fill out our online inquiry form or give us a call at 1-800-297-3758. We’d be happy to help you make the right decision.

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Looking for a roofing contractor in the Tampa Bay who is experienced with repairing and replacing roofs from IB Roofing Systems? Contact us at 1-800-297-3758.

About IB Roofing Systems

Since 1978, IB has been a nationally known leading company in providing high-performance PVC membranes and quality roofing systems for the commercial or mobile home industry. IB Roof Systems is a roofing supplier that has solid solutions for your flat or low-sloped roof that are backed by the best warranties available and can be installed and maintained by All Weather Roofing, Inc., in Tampa. IB membranes are designed to stand up to chemicals, UV rays, and the elements of nature while providing a watertight and virtually maintenance-free roof. All Weather Roofing Inc., has been a well-known roofing contractor in Tampa since 1984.

Quality Of IB Roofing Products & Materials

One of the reasons we have partnered up with IB Roofing is due to the high standard of quality and attention to detail they put into making their products safe, affordable and reliable. Some of the key benefits of their products are: Maintain a very flexible and stable product for years after installation Has outlasted many of it’s competitors in rough weather It resists and reflects UV rays, which saves money on energy Provide stronger, easier, and faster seam welds because of the 50/50 split of high-quality surfacing on the top and bottom of the scrim, resulting in time saved for the contractor and a leak-free roof Resists the formation of ponding water

Flame Resistant TPO Membrane

The IB Roof Systems membrane has a Class “A” rating for flame resistance. Unlike traditional roofing materials, the TPO membrane will resist flames rather than fuel them.

Free Video Inspection Before You Buy

Contact us today and we will arrange a time that works best for you and get a representative out to perform a detailed video of your roof so you can easily see where the problem areas might exist.

TPO vs PVC Membranes...

The joys of having a roof over your head are nearly endless. When it rains, you stay dry.  When it’s hot, you have shade. When there’s a plane soaring loudly in the sky, you have a barrier giving you peace and quiet.  However, there comes a time when your roof has had enough. Nothing lasts forever and mobile home roofing is no exception.

What’s Over Your Head?

The joys of having a roof over your head are nearly endless. When it rains, you stay dry.  When it’s hot, you have shade. When there’s a plane soaring loudly in the sky, you have a barrier giving you peace and quiet.  However, there comes a time when your roof has had enough. Nothing lasts forever and mobile home roofing is no exception. The sun, wind, and rain and a concoction of nature’s other surprises will eventually huff and puff just enough to cause damage to your roof.

When the time comes to replace your mobile home roof/ TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), is the way to go. TPO is a roofing material that has had repeated success withstanding the elements.  Not only is it cost-efficient compared to other roofing options, it is UV and heat resistant, energy efficient, durable, and it comes in various styles to suit the needs of the home and the homeowner. Find out why TPO is the number one commercial roofing material today and how is saves money on energy costs.

What is TPO, Exactly?

TPO, the acronym for the full-length tongue twister is Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is a heat resistant blend of plastic, rubber, and filler material (usually composed of fiberglass, talc, etc.). This single-ply roofing material grew in popularity because it is reliable and long-lasting.  Let’s glance over TPO’s history to see why it is one of the most sought-after roofing material to date and extremely popular for mobile home roofing.

The History of TPO

TPO started years after its predecessor PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in Europe during the 1970’s.  PVC, best known for its versatility, is the third-most widely used plastic polymer blend in current times.  Both TPO and PVC are thermoplastics, meaning they can transform and mold at a certain temperature but solidify once cooled off.  PVC became the industry standard for contractors and commercial architects everywhere in the 1960’s when it was realized that the material could withstand chemical, light, and temperature corrosion.

As science and technology advanced, so did the understanding of environmental hazards and the effects PVC has on the global effort to “Go Green”. PVC roofing membranes are made up of plasticizers which are substances used to improve the plasticity and strength of whichever material it is added to.

At first, plasticizers were a positive thing. They gave PVC flexibility, but the long-term effects soon outweighed the short-term benefits. After many years, the plasticizers would break down and wash away.  Not only does this process add hazardous chemicals to the soil, it weakens your roof and increases the risk of leakage ad cracking.

TPO formulas over the years have corrected the problems PVC membranes have, and now the TPO material is near perfect with its plasticizer-free chemical structure.  TPO doesn’t break down as easily as PVC and it is safer for the environment. Although TPO has a shorter history, the roofing material has gained popularity because it is just as moldable and durable as any unnecessary additives and the risks and problems PVC carries.

Out with PVC; in with TPO!

PVC is slowly becoming a roofing material of the past because it is an older and more expensive way to protect your home than TPO. TPO is now widely-used material for good reason; it’s a reasonably priced and dependable. TPO is also known for its environmental benefits.  TPO is a light-colored, reflective material that bounces UV rays away from the home and leaves the inside of the house feeling cool and comfortable.  Plasticizers in PVC attract mold and cause the once-lightly colored material to darken, reducing energy efficiency and absorption.  You can worry less about your AC bill when a TPO roof is installed.

TPO Your Roof in Style

Yes, exterior decoration is just as important interior decoration.  Your roof should “fit in” with the rest of your home and still be an affordable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient roofing option.

White roofs are a sure sign of an energy-efficient home.  Now, it doesn’t have to be that way. TPO roofs come in more than just one color to suit your preference.  White, Light gray, tan and even reflective black are colors that can be used in TPO installation. With more color options available, you can make sure mobile home stays cool inside and out.


Compared to the rest, TPO is the closest thing to a reliable roofing superhero. Not only does TPO fight mold growth, it deters tears, cracks, dirt, and punctures. It’s resilience to weather comes from its chemical structure.  Plasticizers found in PVC roofs wither away with change in weather, causing the roof to shrink and crack. Depending on how serious the situation is, what could have been a patch job has now turned into a whole new roof installation.

When it comes to deciding what material you can trust to put above your head, make TPO your top choice. It’s new and improved, tried and true and will save you money from the get-go.  Now that you know a little more about the history of TP0, its energy efficiency, environmental effects, cost-efficiency, and overall durability, maybe you will accompany the many who are now enjoying the benefits of TPO roofing.

Contact TPO Membrane Roof Experts!

Do you need a mobile home roof over? Does TPO sound like it might fit the bill? To learn more about TPO membrane roofing, and to see firsthand all the benefits it will provide your home, contact us online or at 1-800-297-3758. Our trusted customer service team is available 24 hours a day and will be happy to answer your questions and set an appointment for a free video roof inspection.

TPO Commercial Roofing Systems...

Businesses rarely have room in their budgets to afford expenses connected to damaged roofs. Leaks can cause numerous problems, from putting customers and employees in danger and even damaging merchandise. When you have problems with the roof on your commercial building, there are different materials you could choose. However, there are definite benefits to opting for TPO.

TPO Roofing Systems

TPO, or thermoplastic polyofin is a type of roofing that is quickly becoming more popular in the commercial sector. Over the years, this has become one of the best roofing products because it offers so many different advantages, and it certainly can be used on almost any property, from houses to commercial buildings, and it is the ideal option for flat roofs in particular.

TPO doesn’t just save you money by being one of the lowest priced roofing options; it also offers a variety of different advantages such as environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

Commercial Applications of TPO

TPO can be used in a number of commercial applications. This heat sealed roofing membrane will not have seams and this is a real advantage in flat roof applications. The completed look is very professional and aesthetically pleasing, which is yet another advantage for this roofing membrane material.

Features and Benefits of a TPO Roof

  • This white material will reflect the vast majority of sunlight away from your business building, and that means a guaranteed drop in energy costs.
  • The membrane doesn’t contain chlorine, which means it will not emit anything bad for the environment.
  • The material is very good at withstanding many different things including chemicals, UV rays, and ozone. That means it will hold up better for a longer period of time.
  • TPO can be used in any temperature environment, and will stay pliable in heat or cold so that it will not crack.
  • The installation process creates a seamless roof that will help you avoid leaks in the future.
  • This membrane will be easy to repair if anything should ever damage it.

Why Your Next Roof Should Be TPO

In addition to the benefits we have mentioned, it is relatively affordable, especially when compared to the price of other roofing materials. Since it holds up well under harsh circumstances, it is the ideal option when you wish to avoid trouble in the future.

If you are interested in a roof replacement with TPO, then contact us today. You can get in touch with us by filling out our online inquiry form, or you can call us at 800-297-3758. We are available 24 hours a day and will be happy to discuss your commercial roofing options with you.