Mobile Home Roofing Services

mobile home roofing solutionsLeaky roof got you feeling down? Well luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to go about fixing your problem right now. Save time and money by calling our professional representatives at All Weather Roofing! If you’ve got a bad cold, Band-Aids aren’t going to make you feel any better. With a patch-job on a roof leak, you’re addressing the symptoms but not the underlying cause. All Weather Roofing offers various mobile home roofing solutions to fit your needs and your budget. We will help you figure out the best mobile home roofing solution for you.

The Three Types of Mobile Home Roofing

All mobile and manufactured home roofs are initially designed in three different ways. Older mobile homes are built with flat or low-sloped roofs and are typically covered with asphalt or metal. Unfortunately, metal roofs are supposed to be coated every few years, but even with proper and frequent maintenance, small holes might still find their way into your roof. When you have to buckle down and invest in a new roof, there are three types to choose from:

  1. Aluminum Roof
  2. Rubber Roof (Seam and Seamless)
  3. Asphalt Shingles

Rubber roofs are the most viable option for long-term mobile home owners. Asphalt shingles are very heavy and mobile homes can only withstand one layer. As time goes on, you’ll find that the thin layer of roofing creates a crop of problems that will cost you even more money to fix.  Getting back to the basics, the corrugated metal roof is a simpler option that is typically the most affordable, but requires extensive maintenance. Regardless of the options, remember that all roofs are not created equally…

Making the Right Choice

If you’re somebody who enjoys the prospect of little upkeep, a TPO roof is your best option. A form of synthetic rubber, TPO provides you with a sturdy roof for years to come. The durable material does not crack under extreme temperatures and its reflective properties make it a great option for any mobile home owner who wants to lower their energy bill by up to 30% every single month. TPO is by and far the best option for the long-term mobile home owner. Energy efficiency, durability, and reliability make TPO a top choice for our clients.

Roof Overhaul

Leaks are not petty issues. A slow drip might not seem like a big deal to begin with, but the buildup of moisture can lead to serious problems if left unattended. Black mold, weak walls, and rotting wood can escalate from a small leak. Black mold causes respiratory issues like asthma and other adverse health problems. All Weather Roofing can repair your roof and patch it up, but a new roof is inevitable. Instead of attacking the symptoms, let the professionals at All Weather Roofing do a free video inspection and provide you with a free estimate.  With our trusted service and a lifetime transferable warranty, a TPO roof will not give you any grief.

All Weather Roofing Is Your Mobile Home Roofing Solution

All Weather Roofing has been serving the Tampa Bay area for more than 30 years. Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, it’s no wonder so many local residents continue to recommend us to their peers. Instead of giving in to the typical PVC rubber roof, make an effort to “go green” with TPO. PVC plasticizers wash away and add hazardous chemicals to the soil and weaken your roof—ultimately leading to cracks and leaks. With our professional installation, you can say goodbye to pesky leaks and hello to a sturdy roof.

A bad roof isn’t going to get any better unless you address the root of the problem. Don’t rely on patch-jobs and drip-catching buckets forever—get your roof in tip-top shape.   If you’re ready to make the plunge, get a free consultation with All Weather Roofing by giving us a call at 1-800-297-3758 or contact us online today.