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The Benefits of a TPO Membrane Roof

TPO membrane roofs are very popular because they provide a wide range of benefits for the homeowner, as well as the installation crew and the environment. The benefits of a TPO membrane roof, include:


  • Energy efficiency due to the reflection of heat
  • Increased resistance to UV rays, ozone, acid rain, holes from hail storms, grease, and microbial development, as well as the exposure of many chemicals.
  • Installation is easy for our team of qualified professionals
  • The materials are very lightweight and flexible, which will allow it to fit to different shapes and sizes of roofs.

Generally, TPO membrane roofs are white. This aids in the reflection of heat and energy efficiency. A black or darker colored material absorbs heat, which will increase the amount of energy needed to cool the home or building. All of these benefits combine to create a long-lasting roof that is cost effective to install and maintain.

How it Works

For a mobile home, a TPO membrane roof will be installed using a roll of the materials. Seams will be welded together using hot air. This will seal the seams and ensure a perfect fit and protect against leaks. The membranes are strengthened and protected with a polyester fabric and come in a variety of thicknesses.

Why it’s a Great Solution for a Replacement Roof

When replacing a roof, you expect the new one to last a long time. Because of the weather and chemical resistance benefits of a TPO membrane roof, it is very durable. Also, the flexible fit will enhance that durability because the material will fit securely to the home and give it more structural integrity. This helps to reduce the likelihood of tearing the roof as a result of weather related issues.

Also, the environmentally friendly benefits of a TPO membrane roof will provide additional advantages in the long run. When a roof reflects heat, it will help keep the core temperature in the home cooler. When an air conditioner is able to work less to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, fewer gasses will be released into the air. That is not only better for the environment, but it will also reduce the costs of monthly energy bills.

Hire a TPO Membrane Roof Expert

At All Weather Roofing, Inc., you know you will receive the best service and installation available in the marketplace. We are a family-owned and operated business with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry.  Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau helps to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and why we are the top mobile home roofing company in the state of Florida.

Since 1984, we have installed high-quality, durable roofs that stand the test of time. In fact, there are roofs we installed in our first days of operation as a company that are still in place and fully functioning today.

To learn more about TPO membrane roofing, and to see firsthand all the benefits it will provide your home, contact us online or at 1-800-297-3758. Our trusted customer service team is available 24 hours a day and will be happy to answer your questions and set an appointment for a free video roof inspection. You can also email