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How a Roof Over Works: Step by Step

Ready for a roof over and want to know what to expect? The seven steps are covered here so you know exactly what All Weather Roofing will do when we show up to get started on creating a new, safe and secure roof for your home or commercial property.

Insulation & Plywood Removal

Preparation: Tear Off & Deck Replacement

Some roofs, but not all, require the old roofing system to be torn off before we can begin installing your lifetime warrantied roof. Once the original roof is exposed, we install plywood in any weak or rotted areas to help strengthen the affected areas.

Pressure Treated 2x4 PerimeterStep One: Pressure Treated 2×4 Perimeter

The installation process begins with a perimeter of pressure-treated 2x4s fastened every 12 inches by a 3-inch aluminum hurricane screw. Additional pressure-treated 2x4s are added for support to lanais, porches, patios, Florida rooms, carports, and most other housing additions.

Polystyrene Insulation BoardStep Two: Polystyrene Insulation Board

Next, we install the foil-faced polystyrene insulation board which is secured by 3-inch galvanized rib plates and fastened by a 3-inch aluminum hurricane screw. With this high-quality polystyrene insulation board installed you can expect 30%- 50% reductions in your energy bills.

Fascia coming together!Step Three: White Aluminum Drip Edge & Fascia

Once the perimeter and insulation board are installed, we install aluminum fascia to the front and back of the home to ensure that your home looks even better than before. Once the fascia is put in place, a white aluminum drip edge is installed around the 2×4 perimeter to add yet another layer of leak protection.

Single-Ply TPO Membrane Installation In ProgressStep Four: Single-Ply TPO or PVC Membrane

With the rest of the roof over structure in place, we roll the 6-foot wide single-ply membrane from end to end, which is then hurricane fastened every 18 inches, with each layer to overlap approximately 5 to 6 inches. Your new seamless roof over is now heat welded together to create a one-piece blanket of protection.

Finished Term Bar & FasciaStep Five: Aluminum Termination Bar

Next, we attach the membrane to the structure with an aluminum termination bar, fastened every 6 inches on center by aluminum termination screws, and any excess is trimmed off.

Step Six: Spun Aluminum Vents

At this point, we install all new spun aluminum vents, which are then fastened with a 3-inch aluminum hurricane screw. Next, a membrane boot is placed tightly over the vent and then seamlessly heat welded to the single-ply membrane, to ensure the ultimate leak protection.

Step Seven: Completion & Housekeeping

Now that you’re new maintenance-free roof over is installed, our factory-trained installers meticulously scour the ground around your home, driveway, street, and other areas for any debris left behind. Good housekeeping is just one more way in which All Weather Roofing, Inc. can go the extra mile for our customers to ensure their total satisfaction with our company and their new roof over!


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