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If you are considering having a membrane roof installed, like a TPO, then it’s a good idea to know what to expect throughout the process. That way, you can be prepared for timelines, and you will know what is going on while the installers are hard at work. Below, you will find the steps that are used in order to install the roof properly as a roof over.

Roof Tear Off

The first step will be tearing off the old roofing system. This is not always needed but in most cases, the old roofing material will need to be torn off. Once this is done, then any weakened areas will be located and plywood will be installed to shore up those spots.

Perimeter Wood Installation

The next step is to add perimeter wood that will work as a fastener for the membrane roof when it is installed. 2x4s are used, and they will be pressure treated so that they will hold up against weather of all types. These 2x4s will be fastened with hurricane screws for strength and they will be placed along the perimeter of the home as well as on patios, porches, and lanais as needed.

Insulation Board Install

Next, the insulation board will be used on the whole roof. This board has a foil face and it is made from poly-styrene. The boards will be installed with three-inch rib plates that are fastened in place with hurricane screws, as well. This material will immediately lower your energy bill by 30-50 percent.

White Aluminum Drip Edge and Fascia Install

The next step will be for the perimeter of the home. To begin with, an aluminum fascia will be fastened into place for a smoother, aesthetic look for your home. Next, a drip edge will be installed and connected to the perimeter. This will help to ensure the roof is as water tight as possible. That way, you do not have to worry about leaks at all when you choose a membrane roof.

Membrane Installation

Now that all of this is in place, the membrane will be added. This membrane comes in a few different widths to suit any roofing need and it will be placed end to end and fastened with hurricane screws. The layers of the membrane will be overlapped around six inches to ensure the best seal. It is heat welded together to create a seamless, one piece roof.

Aluminum Termination Bar Installation

An aluminum termination bar is used to fasten the membrane to the home and uses aluminum termination screws. Any excess membrane will then be trimmed for a professional finish.

Vents and Skylight Installation

Any vents and skylights needed will be placed and fastened with hurricane screws and a membrane boot will be used to ensure there is no leak issue.

Membrane Roof Completion

Now, your roof is complete, your installers will remove any debris from the ground. This way, you don’t have to worry about a thing and your roof will look perfect. With your new membrane roof, you will be able to enjoy years of seamless leak protection for your home.

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