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yellow bus mobile home exterior


Probably at some point in your life, you’ve seen none of these bright, road-roaming Twinkies. They’re big, they’re yellow, and they’re usually full of children.

yellow bus mobile home exterior

These familiar vehicles are school buses, and they’ve allowed working parents to continue their day-to-day job without the added stress of getting their child to and from school. The buses come and pick the children up from a stop near your house, and the driver takes care of the rest.

But, what if you could turn one of these gargantuan beasts into your very own mobile home? On the outside, it’s just an ordinary school bus. Oh yes. But on the inside, there is a cozy kitchen, comfortable living space, and cushiony bed all for your mobile convenience!

yellow bus mobile home main room

yellow bus mobile home bedroom

yellow bus mobile home bathroom

Never again will you look at a school bus the same way. It’s more than a kid transportation service; it’s a mobile home!

Inside this converted bus is a fantastic little place. Wooden cabinets, floor, and countertops give the magic school bus an authentic, mountain cabin feel. Drop your little ones off at school, and then head out to the woods for an outdoor getaway. Why not? It’s your mobile home school bus, not anyone else’s.

You won’t have to make a pit stop to use the restroom while you’re on the road. You’ve got the toilet, and you’ve got the power.

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