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mobile home numbers on the move

mobile home numbers on the move

Mobile homes, or, manufactured homes, have long been considered the preferred choice in terms of affordability. Not only could one attain the comfort and flexibility of owning their own home, but they can do so with lower monthly payments, allowing them to pay off their mobile home in a short amount of time when compared to the years it takes to pay off a standard home.

Cost of Living Rises in Mobile Home Communities

Betty Burnette, a resident of Rocky Brook Mobile Home Park in Carrboro since 1972, moved into the park with a monthly rent of just $35. Now, she pays $290 and claims that the services provided by the mobile home park are nothing like when she first moved in.

The cost of living continues to increase in Chapel Hill and Carrboro along with property value, but, as a result, the number of mobile homes seems to be declining. From 2000 to 2005, Chapel Hill and Carrboro lost 113 mobile homes.

According to Chapel Hill council member Sally Greene, one of Chapel Hill’s top priorities is providing residents with affordable housing options. Despite the increase in property value, Green hopes that mobile home owners open discussions with the landowners to figure out a compromise that will keep cost of living low.

Mobile Park owner Yazmin Romero claims that the rent hasn’t gone up more than $10 or $15 despite the increase in property value. Even if the increase isn’t substantial, it’s enough to create a riff in the number of mobile homes that are present in Orange County. Marie Palmer, another member of the Chapel Hill Town Council wants to make sure that there is enough outreach to help mobile homeowners qualify for assistance.

Our Thoughts

All Weather Roofing believes ownership of a mobile home should be affordable. Renting land with an increased property value may present mobile home owners with financial burdens, but it seems that Orange County and the cities and towns therein are doing everything they can to keep mobile home owners satisfied and free of unnecessary price hikes.

As advocates for affordable living, we believe there is a feesible way of keeping both landowners and mobile homeowners satisfied, and we trust that Orange County will do what it can to prevent the loss of more mobile home communities.

Mobile homes are a wonderful option for anyone looking to save a lot of money when purchasing a home, but like any other home, long-term ownership requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Manufactured homes will experience wear and tear over time, and mobile home roofs will eventually need fixing.

Do You Need to Take Care of a Damaged Roof?

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Affordability is a one of our top priorities, but so is quality service and professional installation. With TPO mobile home roofing, you get a lifetime warranty so you can make sure that you’re getting a roof that’s guaranteed to last a long time. A home shouldn’t be temporary, and our TPO roofs are available in a variety of styles to suit your needs for the long-term. Weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient, TPO roofs are a wise choice for the mobile home owner looking to save money in the long run.

Don’t worry about making a hasty decision—All Weather Roofing conducts free video inspections so you can see the problem first-hand and make your decision from there—no commitment necessary. A free estimate along with the video inspection will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not a roof-over is the right choice for you. Of course, All Weather Roofing does repairs too, in case you’re not quite ready for a complete roof overhaul. Whatever your decision, why not schedule your free video inspection today?

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