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mobile home residents fear evictions Palmetto mobile park

The owner allegedly had her employees follow delivery trucks to keep track of which mobile homes were receiving free food.

The elderly have worked hard their whole life. Living paycheck-to-paycheck off social security is not a comfortable situation. As such, many residents started wondering why anyone would deprive the elderly residents of their right to utilize these programs? Well, the managers at Carlyn Estates do not seem to abide by the “respect your elders” rule.

Senior resident Pearl Jones is 81 years old and has been a resident at the park for more than 30 years. Not only has she been a dedicated resident for a few decades, she has come to know this community as her home. Because of the threatening letter she received from the landlord, Jones no longer accepts food donations in the park.

She comments on the situation, “This lady is from California and she said no one in her needs it…She thinks everyone in here has a lot of money. Well, I need it.” Jones receives a monthly income of $883 from Social Security. With rent just above $400, and $137 for utilities, it’s easy to see why these donation services can make a world of difference from a financial standpoint.

Yet, the threatening letters made their way into more than a few sets of hands at the park. With the fear of eviction constricting their freedom of speech, many residents refused to appear on camera to comment on the situation.

Discrimination comes in many forms, and at this mobile home park, it seems like it’s the poorer residents who are being targeted. The residents are planning to go to court on the issue. With the exception of a few, most residents would like for the programs to continue.

Our Thoughts

We think mobile home owners deserve a long-lasting home and an accepting mobile home community. Everyone has the right to live comfortably in his or her home and in the surrounding neighborhood.

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